Rich uses his amazing gift of storytelling and music...BY FAR THE BEST CHRARACTER BOOK FOR KIDS

 Rich Odom began telling stories to his four children when they were ​young.  Deciding that the fare on primetime TV was unfit for his kids'  consumption, Rich spun yarns about forest animals who talked to each other.  Eventually, he came up with a pre-adolescent frog who always seemed to get in trouble, but, with the help of his family, friends, and lots of prayer, he always got out.  That frog became Webfoot Willie.  Rich is a retired lawyer, a musician and song writer, a Marine Corps veteran and black belt in Ku Kenpo karate. He is a father, a stepfather, and "Poppa".  He and his wife, Terri, who is an adoption attorney, live in West Monroe,​ Louisiana.​​ ​​​​ 

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Greg's book is just the tip of the iceburg of all the many resources he has to offer.

 When this author's father passed away and he realized he had little left to remind him of his dad's life, he heard God say,"If you were to die today, what would your children hold in their hands tomorrow that would let them know that they were the treasures of your life?" Since then, through the art of letter writing, he has led thousands of fathers to bless their children with words of love and encouragement. In this book he guides men to create a legacy of love for the ones they love the most. 

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QUEST of the KEYS by Scotty Sanders


Scotty has given us a STRATEGY for facing REAL LIFE CHALLENGES in a simple user friendly format

 Quest of the Keys, a new fantasy fiction book by author and leadership coach Scotty Sanders, which tells an intriguing and adventurous story while imparting personal development and success principles for young adults.

"Quest" tells of the journey of Decklen, a young man who left home in disgrace only to narrowly escape slavery and death in the Minca Silver Mines. Sworn to return for those he left behind and joined by an unlikely sojourner, he sets out for the majestic realm of Leonesse. Before striking out on his new journey, Decklen receives assistance from the sage Octavius. But rather than swords and strategy, Decklen is presented a locked golden cylinder containing an ancient scroll. Tasked with opening the scroll, Decklen and his companion find themselves on an unexpected path of danger and discovery, in search of hidden keys that unlock the true secrets to success…and determine the fate of an entire kingdom.