Kathlene & I were married February 12th, 2004.  We have 8 children and 8 grandchildren  between us.  We are passionate about making a difference in the world as we know that it is our children and grandchildren and their children that will be traveling the road we are paving.  We are so blessed to have our many family and friends that believe in us and our vision for 911HOPE as a tool to really impact our world beginning with our own community.  We appreciate your prayers and support.  

911HOPE is developing even as I am writing this today.  It is a challenge to juggle the hands on field work and keeping everyone updated with current events.  Know that families are receiving food, clothes, shelter, meds, house supplies, ministry and life skills.  Thanks for checking us out and we would love to hear from you! More pics and info to come.



I've always loved working with the young, encouraging the old and helping the in between to get MORE
of what they REALLY WANT AND NEED out of life.  

So whether we are...
SUPPLYING KIDS in need with a bed, clothes, summer camps,Christmas joy  

SERVING WIDOWS by providing
lawn care , fellowship & prayers

SHARING with SENIOR CITIZENS words of hope at nursing & assisted living homes weekly  
STABILIZING homes & communities affected by disasters 

SPEAKING at seminars, men's stuff,
businesses, church stuff ...whatever needs or opportunities arise....Everything we do has as it's goal to